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 Custom Rifle Info

What to expect with your rifle

All our Precision Rifles come:

  • Supplied with a high-quality airline approved rolling hard case.

  • Delivered with the barrel broken-in to save you time, hassle and expense. Ready for highly accurate performance.

  • Sighted in with readily available precision factory ammunition and a target shot with your gun is included.

  • A certified data set, unique to your rifle, containing everything required to populate a smartphone ballistic program such as the one we recommend tilted Strelok Pro.

We are a FFL dealer and can ship your custom precision rifle to you anywhere in the lower forty-eight USA.

We are here to help 

We love designing and customizing a rifle to meet your vision of the perfect one. We can give you suggestions for customization and the pros and cons of alternatives.

Please see the attached list which contains a starting point for custom options. It is by no way all-inclusive but it is meant to provide a list of frequently chosen options. We encourage you to add other accessories which you desire or need.

We will not be happy unless your new rifle is customized exactly to your vision of your dream rifle.

We've created three of the most desirable starting point styles that let you match your wishes with cost effective options.

The fourth option is wide open and is only limited by your dreams and budget.

Precision Rifle Brochure

Below you will find a link to our Custom Precision Rifle Brochure


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